Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need makeup other than a wedding?

For you babe!! Got work headshots coming up, I can make sure that you look amazing and confident in those! Doing a branding shoot for your new business? I can help there too! Senior pictures coming up? Absolutely perfect time for makeup! New baby coming, and you want to maximize (or pretend that you have) that pregnancy glow – oh, I can do that! How about once the baby comes and you want to look like you aren’t exhausted? You are doing amazing with that new little miracle and I can help you feel confident when you have that newborn shoot! Maybe you want to look your absolute best for those holiday cards that are going to hang on your family and friend’s refrigerators for months. Maybe you have a party, a gala, a date, a birthday, or just want to feel amazing for a night out! There are so many reasons to get glam with me!

Do you do Bridal Hair?

I dedicate my time to makeup on wedding days to make sure everyone is glam and ready, If you need recommendations, I know some fabulous hair stylists that I’d love to team up with to make you look and feel your best!

Do you do hair styling for non-wedding clients?

Yes, I do! I don’t specialize in up styles and Bridal looks, but I’d love to do your full look for another event.

Do you do same sex weddings?

Absolutely!! Bring on all the love!

Can you do large parties?

As a solo makeup artist, I specialize in smaller wedding parties of 6 or less. If you have a larger group, I recommend that you have a team come in. with a couple makeup artists to accommodate the group. If you need a referral, I have some faves in the area!!

What kind of makeup do you use?

After being stuck with one brand at each of the retail makeup counters that I worked for, I love the flexibility of filling my kit with anything I want! Brands in my kit that you will see: Artistry, Tarte, Benefit, Anastasia, Lancome, ViseArt, Graftobian, Colourpop, Temptu, Stila, Urban Decay, and many more including some drugstore faves from Maybelline and Loreal.

Do you do trials?

Yes, they are required for Bridal makeup services, and I would be happy to book one for other services as well if you would like!

How far in advance do you book events?

I open my calendar eight months in advance. If you need makeup sooner than that, feel free to reach out and I’ll do what I can to add you in.

Are your prices negotiable?

Unfortunately, I do not negotiate pricing for events. I routinely monitor the industry standard for pricing to make sure that I’m in line with other artists in the area, this includes my education, licensing, insurance, and caliber of my makeup kit and supplies.

Can I hire you for partial makeup services like just eyes or just face?

All makeup services are for the full face to ensure that you look your best!

Do you travel?

I have makeup and a passport so yes!! I do also travel for clients, fees depend on distance, location, and time. Information on milage and travel is provided in my initial inquiry request email, I’m happy to discuss having makeup done at your location. If you don’t need me to travel to your location, I have a studio ready for you in North Raleigh complete with that iconic flower wall!

Should I tip?

If you feel that my service is stellar, by all means, but it’s completely up to you!